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      Dafeng Fengji Co.,Ltd.
      Technology  to  create  the  future,  let  us  work  together
      Service Hotline:0577-62888029     Email:dffj@dffj.com
      Company  Profile

             Zhejiang Dafeng Fengji Co.,Ltd. is a professional producer fo ventilation equipment and YCT adjusting-speed electrical mechine.It lies to the south of Yangdang Mountain---the famous Chinese scenic spot,and is 25KM far from Wenzhou Airport and Wenzhou railway station--- Sharmen industrial zone,North Baixiang Town, Wenzhou .Its surface area is 18.4 mu, construction surface is 9880m2. 

             This company,certified by ISO-9002 quality-control system,is composed by senior engineers mainly.Besides 15 junior-college graduates are also working for this company,high-school graduates are 68% among workers.It possesses the advanced production,scientic study and testing equipment in the field in China.These make the company get more achievement in the market. 

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      Company Profile
      Zhejiang Dafeng Fengji Co.,Ltd.

      Service Hotline:0577-62888029     Email:dffj@dffj.com    Add:442# Jiaotong West Road,Shamen Industrial,Beibaixiang Yueqing,Zhejiang Zone.

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